Data management technology to make possible deeper discovery by collaboration and machine learning.

Seamlessly and securely take science data from any lab source, in any format, and enrich it with software and machine learning solutions that result in better data access, better decisions, and reduced operational costs.

Research institutions do better science

Our toolset helps enrich data, standardise workflows, optimise teamwork and ensures auditable and verifiable data/processes that can be measured. Delivering a scalable solution for effective management of large data volumes enabled by automation, secure data hubs, collaborative working and machine learning.

Start small, scale massively

Adapt and grow without needing to constantly reinvest.

Data workflow

Automated data workflows that reduce manual processes freeing up human resources to do meaningful work.

Security and Data Compliance

Data is private, secure, and backed up locally: Firewalled, encrypted, password-protected, actively monitored; Efficient recovery of lost password or change of password securely anytime.

A comprehensive platform.

Modules for every use case.  Designed to support all aspects of research. Built on latest technologies.

Share insights

Multiple facilities to share data, and add many insights so that data is being enriched layer by layer..

Full admin panel

The platform gives admin the tools to efficiently run research projects. All resources – personnel, financial, lab work and assets – can be managed effectively. As a comprehensive ERP system, scarce resources can be used effectively and reported upon. The admin function is also fully secure with access and user privileges limited to appropriate personnel.

Data workflow

Automated data workflows that reduce manual processes freeing up human resources to do meaningful work.


Telephone, email, online ticketing support – 24/7/365 – is provided to ensure that this mission critical software is constantly being maintained and updated, keeping it fit for use.

Machine learning

Integrated Machine learning and AI techniques that look and learn for trends and anomalies reveal more insights and findings.

User friendly

The platform is fully intuitive and user friendly and designed to be followed and understood by users from across the science disciplines with a basic knowledge of computers.

Team based collaboration

With tools to connect and collaborate all insights and all processes from team members for results are contained in one, searchable place.

Coordinated approach

All data and all insights gathered by team around that data is synced, secured and saved; It is time stamped and versioned so that all are working on latest versions. All data and access is secured with comprehensive admin rules which dictate who can access files, who can read only, who’s invited to collaborate..

Project management

A range of project management, project monitoring and communication tools support team based projects and planning.

Data versioning

Data versioning, time-stamping and syncing across platforms so that everyone on the project is on the same page.

Researcher supports

Provides information regarding activities, schedules, reports for coordination and resource planning.

Works with other systems

Integrate seamlessly with other third party systems to extend the efficiency of the schools workflow. Data can be shared to and from third part internal and external systems securely, cutting out time consuming and inefficient re-entry or manual processes.

Document management

A secure and easy way to store and share documents within research teams and with external stakeholders such as funding agencies.

Powerful AI based search

By querying parameters and tags saved exact data or notes can be found, instantly. Files are also saved in a conventional file layout, so can be saved and searched in folders. Loose queries or wildcards can also be used for fuzzy searching.

Data ownership

Data ownership that is inviolate and storage/ database that is only accessible by data owner.

A single platform for multiple research projects.

The platform supports single research teams or multi teams  – where each group can choose its own modules. With scalable computing power and unlimited elastic storage, each team gets the configuration it needs as well as secure and exclusive storage of all of its data.

Creating collaborative research - The platform has also been built to allow clusters of interdisciplinery research teams collaborate, facilitating the creation of a shared secure workspace with appropriate functionality for that cluster.

Working in collaboration