Technology to support and enrich teaching, learning and assessment

Our edtech information management system fully supports and enables all functions of teaching and learning, with full engagement across the entire educational stakeholder community.

Schools run efficiently

A management solution built to manage student data, daily operations, communications and enterprise resource planning.

Designed to engage

Designed to engage teachers, students and parents and provide a safe, supportive and collaborative studentcentric digital workspace within schools and between school clusters.

Latest digital learning techniques

Supports the embedding of latest digital technologies into teaching and learning practices and supports constructivist learning techniques and continuous professional development for teachers.

Dedicated teachers professional development portal

Flexible infrastructure to faciltate access to CPD with webinar, eLearning, blogging, groups, chat, video conferencing, events with integrated booking and resource planning for admins.

A comprehensive platform.

Modules for every use case.  Designed to support teaching, learning and assessment. Built on latest technologies.

Parent access

Where appropriate access is given, it’s easy for parents to avail of updates about their child’s activities and progress, through portals and apps that can be viewed from a myriad of digital devices, at any time.

Enabling school admin

The platform gives admin the tools to efficiently run the school and deliver on its mission. All resources – personnel, financial, school assets – can be managed effectively. As a comprehensive ERP system, scarce resources can be used effectively and reported upon. The admin function is also fully secure with access and user privileges limited to appropriate personnel.

Student information

Attendance, homework, discipline, grades and achievements: All information regarding students can be accessed easily. The student database will also have basic information of students like grades, address, information regarding parents and siblings etc. It can also have medical history, accounts, billing etc. as added by the administration.

Data security

All data and all communications fully encrypted with constantly updated ransomware, malware and anti hacking protocols.

In-house messaging system

The solution comes with a powerful internal messaging system. It can be customised to send messages to pre defined lists or send pre defined messages or ad hoc messages through text, voice message and e-mails.

User friendly

The platform has been designed to be used and understood by students, teachers and parents. It’s therefore, intuitive and user friendly and designed to be followed and understood by users with a basic knowledge of computers.

Digital portfolio

All students given tools to create a digital portfolio with self-created content. Both parents and teachers given their own individual login access to the portfolio as part of continuous assessment.

Continuous assessment

Ongoing assessment and reporting represents a student’s work throughout the year. This comprehensive module helps teachers and school authorities streamline the process using an interactive database that is updated in realtime by teachers and, where appropriate, by students. With the already available information about a student’s class performance, attendance and project results, the database completes the reporting automatically and provides visual updates to appropriate parties.

Constructivist principles

Project work is is at the core of active learning and a range of collaborative tools, project monitoring and communication tools support this modern approach to teaching and learning.

Online payments and accounting

Designed to make the whole process of payments hassle-free for both parents and the school: The system will manage receipts, payments, prepare bills, track types of fees and apply them to the right student with accounting and reconciliation support.

Teacher information

Provides information regarding teachers activities, class schedules, reports for coordination and resource planning. Also teachers can use personalised databases to keep details regarding class timings, student progress and classroom activities in one place. Advantages include: Teachers can log onto their databases securely to access records regarding school, classroom and student activities; forms and reports can be filled and filed quickly; all stakeholders including parents can be kept up to date.

Works with other systems

Integrate seamlessly with other third party systems to extend the efficiency of the schools workflow. Data can be shared to and from third part internal and external systems securely, cutting out time consuming and inefficient re-entry or manual processes.

Document management

A secure and easy way to store and share documents within the school and with external stakeholders.

Dedicated teachers portal

Full admin. solution to support CPD for teachers including membership database, blogging, webinar, eLearning, video conferencing, chat, collaboration tools, event management with integrated booking, accounting and resource management.

On-site or cloud

The platform can be installed on site. However it can also be configured to be used in sites that have poor bandwidth and internet access. This is achieved by managing data intensive processes locally and by managing processes that need bandwidth with store and forward and traffic management protocols.

A single platform for multiple schools.

The platform supports single school on site iterations or multi school  – where each school can choose its own modules. With scalable computing power and unlimited elastic storage, each school gets the configuration it needs as well as secure and exclusive storage of all of its data.

Creating educational ecosystems - The platform has also been built to allow clusters of schools collaborate, facilitating the creation of a shared secure workspace with appropriate functionality for that cluster.

Working in collaboration